Known cemeteries are included here. We know there are more family graveyards within the county. If you know of one, please read the stones and Contact Us with the info. If you can't read the stones, send the us the location and tell us what you do know of the cemetery and/or names of people buried there.

Volunteers are really important to get the whole county documented. Weather is destroying some of the stones, vandals are destroying some, lawn mowers are destroying some and some thoughtless descendants are taking souvenirs. Stones that were here 5 years ago have completely vanished. We must record this information to preserve it. If you can volunteer to help, please Contact Us.

If you know of someone that is buried in any of these cemeteries without a headstone, Contact Us and we'll add it to the cemetery listing. Also, many of the cemeteries were known by different names over the years. If we have the wrong name, wrong location, or missing information, please share your knowledge and Contact Us with the changes.

Cemetery List

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